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Panoramic Photography has been around for nearly as long as photography itself. It seems like it becomes more popular from time to time, then fades from favor for a bit. These panoramic photos are from Sioux Falls in the early part of the 20th century.

Any of these pictures can be found on the Library of Congress website under digital collections. Just do a search for the DLC numbers listed under the pictures (or click on the links).

3rd and DakotaThis shot was taken from about 3rd and Dakota. I'm not sure what tall structure was there at the time to take the picture from. See if you can pick out any familiar buildings in this picture. Click here to see a few buildings highlighted.

Bird's Eye View Copyright F. J. Bandholtz; September 26, 1907; DLC/PP-1907:43359.

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Here is the scene at 9th and Phillips, the heart of Sioux Falls for many years. Some things of note are The Bee Hive department store, the Minnehaha Building, aka the Edmison & Jameson building, and The Cataract Hotel.

9th & Copyright deposit; F. J. Bandholtz; September 26, 1907; DLC/PP-1907:43359.

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Illinois CentralThis picture was taken from atop the Janesville Implement building that used to exist east of the Illinois Central Depot seen in the right foreground of the picture. Points of interest include the County Courthouse, the water tower that once stood on north Main, and the old Masonic Temple.

Illinois Central Copyright deposit; G. W. Fox; June 29, 1908; DLC/PP-1908:43522.

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The Library of Congress has these photos in its digital collection